Ia | 29 years old | 5'10" ft tall

Birthday: May 3rd

Sign: Taurus

A caffeine-powered workaholic. He has difficulty sleeping and often carries many electronics with him everywhere he goes. Ia can be quite moody, but he has a generous and forgiving heart. He gives a lot and asks for little.

Nore (Norman Christopher Bates) | 22 years old | 5'10" ft tall

Birthday: November 28th

Sign: Sagittarius

An easy-going young man who can fall asleep anywhere, any time. He is incredibly unreliable and dependent on others. Nore doesn't think before he speaks, but he doesn't mean to be brash. Perhaps he needs some guidance.

Adin | ? years old | 5'7" ft tall

Birthday: February 21st

Sign: Pisces

Seemingly aloof and bespectacled, struggling student. Adin spends a copious amount of time on the internet and has difficulty expressing himself. He has a sharp tongue and plays it cool, though deep down inside lurks a child.

Tiny| 23 years old | 5'3" ft tall

Birthday: October 24

Sign: Scorpio

Nicknamed after her physicality, Tiny maintains a cool composure at all times. She is one of Nore's closest friends and can often be found cleaning up his messes or waking him up. Despite playing leader at everything she does, Tiny dislikes responsibilities and can be as careless as Nore.

Soren Tavares | 26 years old | 6'0" ft tall

A naive and hopeless romantic, Soren is a good friend of Ia's. He's easily rattled by nearly everything, but always willing to help.